A type of less comprehensive dependent eligibility audit may rely on the employee to simply attest through an affidavit that any enrolled dependents meet the plan’s eligibility requirements. Compared to a comprehensive dependent eligibility audit, this type of audit is less common, but the process is much quicker since the employee is not required to locate and send in copies of marriage or birth certificates for review and processing.

An affidavit-only dependent eligibility audit usually identifies fewer ineligible dependents since the audit is based more on the employee’s honesty than proving eligibility. Nonetheless, these types of dependent eligibility audits often result in employees coming forward to report ineligible dependents usually based on misinterpretation or understanding of eligibility rules.

This type of dependent eligibility audit may be ideal if the organization:

  • Has an internal compliance requirement.
  • Has limited tolerance for potential employee pushback or a strong paternalistic culture.
  • Has some method of documenting and verifying eligibility.
  • Conducted an audit within the last 2 years.
  • Wants primarily to educate and remind employees about eligibility requirements.