Dependent Eligibility Audits

On average, 2–10% of an organization’s dependents are ineligible. Minimize your company’s risk by conducting a dependent eligibility audit.


Immediate Measurable ROI

Our Dependent Eligibility Audits result in an average ROI of 100% to over 5,000% in the first year alone.


A surprising number of dependents on your healthcare plan may not be eligible — but trying to figure out which ones can be difficult and unnerving. The solution? Conduct a dependent eligibility audit to ensure compliance and drive ROI. You deserve to rest easy when your healthcare bills arrive, knowing you are paying what you are supposed to while providing the best care to your employees and their dependents.

As a nationally recognized audit firm, BMI is well equipped to assess your company’s plan and provide you with ways to ensure eligibility in the future. Serving clients in all industries, all locations, and in all sizes, we understand the sensitive and oftentimes complicated nature of these audits. Combining advanced technology, proven processes, and quality customer service at competitive pricing, our DEA services stand apart in a market full of competitors.

Let us help you prevent potential loss and stay in compliance.


Dependent Eligibility Savings Calculator

Savings that are easy to see

On average, our clients achieve a 98% participation rate. That means their savings far exceed the actual audit costs.


Why Conduct a Dependent Audit?

You have enough on your plate without trying to keep track of which dependents on your plan should be there. A DEA offers peace of mind, clarity, and the knowledge you need to move forward for the good of your organization.

Problems We Solve

Are you trying to be the best plan fiduciary and stay in compliance? Are you looking for ways you can save on your healthcare costs? Do you wish you had an easy way to keep track of the dependents on your plan? Our DEA can help with all of these concerns.


With you every step of the way


Our Dependent Eligibility Audits keep you in mind. Whether you want to be very involved in every step or let us do the heavy lifting, we can customize your audit to your needs. See below for a quick overview of how we work with you.

  • 2 hours of employers time


  • .30 hrs each week to review


  • 2 hours follow up


PLANNING | 30 Days

Together, we’ll customize your DEA to achieve the least amount of friction and highest outcome.


Don’t worry about collecting documents from employees — we handle that for you.

REPORTING | continual

You’ll receive a comprehensive guide to your DEA audit. Our team will explain everything and answer all your questions.


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Propel your organization forward by investing in a Dependent Eligibility Audit. We are excited for the opportunity to partner with you. 

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BMI Verify Portal is your hub during the auditing process. Login to the BMI Verify page to upload documents and see your current activity log.

Want to know what document requirements and how we keep your information safe? Check out our FAQ page to learn more about the process as it pertains to you.