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Knowing which option is right for you can be tricky. Find answers to the most common questions and resources to help you be proactive about health benefit spending.


Frequently Asked Questions

Claims Audit

  • Auditing your health plans

  • Why do errors occur?

  • Common approaches to auditing

  • Types of claims audit

  • How do I decide?

Auditing a Dependent

  • Auditing a dependent’s eligibility

  • How is a dependent eligibility audit performed?

  • Why consider an outside vendor

  • Considerations when selecting a vendor

  • Types of dependent verifications

  • Which is right for my company?


BMI Solves Through Auditing

  • Costs are continuing to rise

  • Are claims being paid appropriately?

  • I’m aware of a problem

  • I have a fiduciary responsibility

  • We lack internal resources to conduct an audit ourselves.