Medical + Rx Audits


Our team of experts will analyze your medical and prescription drug plan to ensure accurate costs, reduce errors, and optimize effectiveness.


Don’t leave money on the table

Whether you conduct the audit for fiduciary responsibility, compliance, or cost reduction, your entire company can benefit from the resulting insights and cost savings.


Audit executives and HR experts commonly recommend that all sponsors of healthcare benefit plans periodically conduct an independent audit of their third-party claims administrators.

Why? Because every day, self-insured employers face the financial strain of providing medical and prescription drug coverage. An audit can reduce this burden and help employees receive the best care.


Medical Claims Audit

A medical claims audit is one of the most cost-effective containment options available to self-insured organizations.

Benefits Include

  • Identifying payment errors

  • Clarifying the plan sponsor’s benefit intent

  • Fulfilling due diligence and fiduciary responsibility

  • Creating opportunities for future cost savings

Prescription audit background

Prescription Drug Audit

By using nationally recognized drug databases along with internally developed clinical and technical logic, our audits provide an unparalleled check against improper payments and administrative oversights

Solutions Include

  • Prescription Drug Claims Audit

  • Contractual Financial Guarantee Audit

  • Onsite Prescription Drug Rebate Audit

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The heart of it all

Audit iQ is our signature healthcare claims auditing software designed to efficiently and effectively identify incorrect payments so employers can take control of their healthcare.

This software is used nationally by insurance carriers, third-party administrators, employers, self-paying employers, and employee benefit consultants and brokers.

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